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Consumers are passive victims of manipulation irressistible to purchase in the name of fashion - Essay Example

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Consumers are passive victims of manipulation irressistible to purchase in the name of fashion

Fashion is a word that everyone admires and all wants to be fashionable to be accepted in the egoistic society in which life prospers today. Everything from the color of the hand kerchief to the perfume used is a criterion to measure the position of the person in the society. It is more or less a pseudo-prestige donor that the people rush behind it even if their pockets and wallets do not permit. They are compelled to do so by many factors around. To be precise, they are manipulated to consume certain standard of products in the society so as to make others approve them. It is basic human nature to have an urge for praise and admiration and the manipulating factors are well versed with this fact. It is therefore a necessity to study the situation and suggest possible solutions for the situation. The study presented here is based on the topic and the method used is secondary literature analysis. Websites like google.com and wikipedia.org are used for the collection of various data. The concepts introduced are supported by the examples of various advertisements shown on media. ...
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The study aims to look at these matters along with the present globalization scenario. It also emphasizes on various psychological factors that leads to the situation where consumers are vulnerable to wastage of wealth on unwanted materials. …
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