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There are three candidates waiting for the heart transplant. The first candidate is Jerry, who has 3 teenage daughters studying and an unemployed wife. He is the bread winner in the family and is 5 years short of his retirement eligibility. His chances of living after a heart surgery will be 10-15 years.
The second candidate is a 12 year old girl named Lisa. Her father works in the same hospital and offered to donate or give $2 Million dollars if the heart will be transplanted to Lisa. Lisa suffered 12 years of lifelong health issues and her chances of living after the surgery are not good. The hospital needed money to finish the construction of the specialized facilities that could help a lot of patients.
The third candidate is Ozzie who happens to be a 38 years old homeless drug abuser. He is single and his heart condition is due to excessive intake of cocaine. He is also a volunteer in a certain charity and is teaching and helping troubled teens and giving them insights and wisdom against drug abuse and other issues. He signed a contract in the same charity and will continue working as a counsellor-mentor if he will get the transplant.
Ethics is defined as the study of right or wrong conduct which focuses on moral situation (Ruggiero, 2008). In the situation above we can definitely say that making the decision on granting the heart transplant to only one of the three candidates is very difficult. There are a lot of things to consider. At first, when evaluating the three candidates, my feelings deeply sympathize for Jerry. Jerry is the most suitable candidate to get the transplant because he is the one which has the highest chances of living years and he has 4 family members who will be benefited. ...
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To whom will the heart transplant be granted? What are the considerations in granting the heart transplant to the receiver? What were the bases for the decision? Was the decision ethical? Was the decision the justifiable? What were the costs of the action? What was the outcome of the decision?…
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