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Market Research for Zara

Zara currently caters to fashion clothes for Men, Women and Children. It includes both under wears and outer wears. Besides these it also provides fashion accessories for all the categories. We will be specifically targeting our study on the women’s under wear section in our report. In this category Zara has the following products available – various varieties of shorts, briefs, Underwired plunge bras, G strings and some varieties of basks and corsets. They do not have much choice in this segment though. Most of the products are made to order and most of the clothing is stand alone. You have the option of mix and match but nothing is available in lingerie sets. Zara’s pricing is more commensurate with quality. Most of the products are on the higher side as compared to the other stores; however, they are one of the best in quality. Since many of the products are made to order, the pricing is based on the flexibility available to the customer to get products as per their choice. ...
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Zara is a retail company floated by the parent manufacturer Inditex. It is based in Spain and has dozens of manufacturers in and around Spain. It has stores all across the world starting from US to Japan. …
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