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Luxury goods in China

The paper tells that possession of the luxury brand has been a trend in market of China especially among the girls of various age groups between 18 years to 30 years old. Girls like to go for shopping and they prefer visiting malls where they get almost everything under one roof. The various characteristics of the luxury brands which have been observed are that it has aesthetic value; it is costly as compared to regular brands. It has also been found that the luxury brands are quite sophisticated to handle as compared to regular brands. They have a classic look which is the reason that people get attracted more towards the luxury brands. The Chinese economy is strengthening day by day as there is an increment in the demand of the luxury goods. Mostly teenagers and unmarried ladies prefer luxury brands. Most of the customers like to pay innumerable number of times for luxury products but there are few customers who pay lesser number of times for luxury products but prefers high value product. The most preferred products for the luxury brand have been perfumes, watches, fashionable clothes, ornaments and laptops and in order to attain these products they would even prefer to go to outside places. They even get these items as gifts from their friends, families and in the similar way they also provide gifts to their friends and families. Eastern brands have been preferred for camera, ornaments which are artificial products. The similarity between the Western and the Eastern brand is that both the brands have high degree of excellence and the technology that is used to manufacture both the product is highly upgraded. ...
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The research has found that China has been the biggest market for counterfeit product and such transactions has been taking place with India. There is a need for providing strict regulations in order to stop such malpractices; otherwise the luxury brands will lose its identity…
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