identify the environmental factors that affect global and domestic marketing decisions.

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Name Course Title Name of Professor Date of Submission A Review of Coca-Cola’s Global Marketing Strategy Introduction The brand equity of Coca-Cola has been recognized as one of the strongest in the world. They are seeing the entire globe as an integrated whole and standardized marketing technique is being applied by the company.


Due to the effective and competent marketing research and development of Coca-Cola it was able to manufacture and distribute worldwide. Coca-Cola is evidently a transnational organization. Even though the main office of Coca-Cola is in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, the beverage magnate is greater than merely an American firm with several branches abroad (Gillespie & Hennesy 2010). It is genuinely an international business. Almost 80% of the operating income of Coca-Cola (Ferrell 2007) originates from its operations overseas. Influence of Global Economic Interdependence and Trade Practices and Agreements Trade agreements smooth the progress of joint enterprises, franchising, distribution systems, and other global transactions between and among companies. Products of Coca-Cola are manufactured and distributed in a large number of countries all over the world. National governments curb barriers to trade like tariffs cutback and funding that took place specifically a decade (Gillespie & Hennessy 2010). This has been one of the major reasons compelling Coca-Cola to spread out globally. In the meantime, there has been an increasing financial market deregulation since 1980s. This has involved abolishing floating of currencies and exchange regulations (Ferrell 2008). ...
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