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Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges: Back to the Future? Chocolate Lounges Taste Sweet Success Name Course Instructor’s Name Date Abstract The report aims to address the following issues after reading the case entitled “Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges: Back to the Future?…


Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges: Back to the Future? Chocolate Lounges Taste Sweet Success Case Background The case presents the marketing strategies implemented by Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges since its inception in 2005 in the neighborhood of Lincoln Park in Chicago. Reported to be named after the matriarch of the family known to produce the famous Mars chocolates, Ethel, with husband, Frank, the chocolate lounges were designed to parallel the successful stints of coffee shops like Starbucks. The disparity comes in terms of offering chocolate drinks together other chocolate products to sophisticated clientele in search for “approachable gourmet chocolates” in an impeccable environment. In this regard, the case study would aim to address the issues of consumer buying decision; factors that influence consumers to spend and factors that motivate them; as well as needs that Ethel's experience appeals to most. Type of Consumer Buying Decision Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges has explicitly indicated that their lounges “are designed to coddle patrons in the lap of luxury, but Mars president John Haugh maintains that what makes Ethel's special is that it offers ‘approachable gourmet chocolate’” (Cengage Cites, 2008, p. 13). ...
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Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge: Case Study.
Consumer Buying Decision at Ethel’s According to Lamb, Hair and McDaniel (2011) consumer buying decision types can be classified into routine response behavior, limited decision making, extensive decision making and impulse buying. Analysis of the case indicates that the consumer-buying behavior that best describes the Ethel shoppers is routine-response behavior, which involves high frequency…
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overview of the uk chocolate market from the case study
In addition, the study will identify those consumer segments that are driving this growth, using relevant socio-demographic, psychographic, and behavioral variables, as well a.

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