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Amusement Park Promotion

Without promotion proposed goods and services may never reach consumers, because according to Britt, “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does” (as cited in Huddle, 2011, p.2). In this respect, the work of marketing department plays one of the most important roles in the future performance of any company, influencing on its profitability and prosperity.
To satisfy the requirements of leadership, concerning season ticket holders of amusement park, it is imperative to implement the most effective instruments of promotion policy that is directed to give customers full information about services and persuade potential consumers to purchase them. Therefore the main goal of promotion is to raise demand for park’s services and convert occasional visitors to constant clients. Analyzing effectiveness and costs of all types of promotion, it is recommended to use advertising and sales promotion methods.
First of all, it is important to influence on customers’ decision to choose amusement park with a help of flexible policy of discounts. It may be useful to reduce the price of season ticket such way that buying occasional ticket will be less economic for visitors. Being provided with attractive price for season ticket, consumer may be stimulated to purchase it that consequently will increase number of attendances in the amusement park. Moreover, analyses of competitors’ price policies may give additional advantages in implementation of own discounts. In addition, it is recommended to ensure customers with one-time action. For example, to raise people’s awareness about the services of the company, it may dispense special coupons that give opportunity for visitors to buy only one ticket and get the second one for free. During this action frequency of visits will increase that affects the demand level and price. The more people find out about ...
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Creating own business involves careful consideration about each step of the future performance, beginning with formation of the idea in your mind and ending with its practical implementation. Even well-established and successfully functioning companies require constant…
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