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I think there is no great difference in whether, let’s say, ten people are killed by a maniac or by a terrorist. The only difference is in their reasoning – one kills for satisfying a mania, the other – in the name of an idea. The results, however, are the same – pain, fear and terror.

Generation Gap. Difference between 18-34. Advantages and disadvantages

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Younger generations always bring fresh ideas which can help even the elder generation in improving the quality of their life. “Some of the advantages that are brought in diverse generation gaps are that people understand various levels of thinking and also learn the work culture at different levels”

Operational Warfare and Describe the Revolutionary Nature of Interwar Period

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Operational warfare is the term derived from Russia during 18th and 19th centuries.

Comparison and Contrast of the Characters Ichabod Crane and Brom Van Brunt

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As the author reviews one of the most popular book of the begining of the 19th century - it's always a piece of irony and a poetic sense of human imperfection. Washington Irving was the first ever American author who became famous abroad in a short span of time. He is known for contribution to short story genre.

‘Serving in Florida’ by Barbara Ehrenreich.

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Barbara Ehrenreich works as a waitress in Hearthside restaurant. Her job is exhausting and the manager makes sure that even when there is no work to be done, the workers are kept busy. The workplace has a tensed environment and she discovers that the opinions of employees are not considered at all.

Explain the difference between common law rape and modern statutes describing sexual assault. What does it mean to say that a ra

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The differences that exist between the common law on rape and the modern statutes describing sexual assault shall be established in this paper. According to common law, rape is a crime and the rapist must be duly punished for the attempt to forcefully have sexual intercourse with a helpless victim (Bacigal, 2001).


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Cancer impacts the physiology as well as psychology of the patients and their families to a large extent. The present discourse evaluates few causes of these commonly occurring cancers and their effects on the patients. Lung cancer is caused by excessive smoking.

"On Going Home" by Joan Didion. Analysis

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On Going Home by Joan Didion. Analysis. Joan Didion’s essay “On Going Home” talks about a struggle to connect an old life with the persona’s family and the family of her own. The narrative essay talks about a deteriorating connection of her roots, how she puts effort in making a new relationship with them, together with her new family.

Colon Cancer

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There may well be a chance that he or she is warned way before the disease reaches the stage where it cannot be treated. All this is a matter of luck rather than anything else. Cancer can occur in many forms for example liver cancer, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer etc.

Comparison and Contrast"

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From a feminist perspective, divorce often serves as the path of freedom from patriarchal oppression and torture on women -whether they are mental or physical- under the patriarchal structure of marriage. Though there are two opposing views about marriage, the line of compromise is: when remaining in a family is more harmful than dissolving it, divorce is more justifiable than continuing the family.

Culture Shock

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Some of them are differences in food, difficulty in communication, differences in customs and values, unacceptable standards of cleanliness, fear for personal safety, and so on and on. According to Oberg (n.d), the very first factor that leads to culture shock is the disappearance of customs, cues, and norms.

Piaget’s Legacy, By John Flavell.

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The article construed by John Flavell, titled “Piaget’s Legacy” is indeed one that I found to be meticulously researched. It profoundly increased my knowledge on the subject of cognitive development. Many debates have wrung regarding Piaget’s work and many thoughts have been expressed.

Financial Project

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Introduction This project of the financial transaction that takes place in the FertiNitro Company which mainly deals in construction and fertiliser plant operations situated in Venezuela. The financing of the company is based on the sponsors’ contributions which will be further discussed in details in terms of risk and viability of the company.

Isolation and identification of unknown bacteria microbiology

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Bacteria also can contaminate and impair the process of food production and packagind that can lead to significant economic impact but more importantly can be a source of more widespread morbidity in human population and a mechanism of generation of widespread epidemics.

American improvement in the conduct of military operations in Europe.

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Ever since the First and Second World Wars, the United States have made such remarkable improvements in the conduct of military operations in Europe that today it has become the unchallenged global military power.

The Right to assisted Suicide

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No one has any right to pressurize one to change his way of living. Because, every individual on this Earth is responsible for all the happiness, joy, pain, sorrow and misery that he bears in his life and he is the only one who actually feels the circumstances he is going through and what problems he counters while undergoing all those circumstances.

Compare and Contrast Holden Caulfield and Blanche DuBois

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While some accept this unhappiness and move forward, others dwell on it and try to fight it. Two characters who do this are Holden Caulfield of The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger and Blanche DuBois of Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire. Instead of dealing with the harsh realities of life, these two characters chose to live in alternate realities to avoid coming to grips with the truth.

American Slavery, American Freedom

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His book dealing with 19th century America, focusing on slavery, war and reconstruction, has won him great acclaim as a leading contemporary Historian and is extensively used as a History text in the classroom. Professor Foner’s central themes revolve around American freedom and he explains how the meaning of freedom changed with the evolvement of American society brought about by changes in the Political, Social and Cultural incidents that occurred.


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The Marketing Teacher (2000) cited Barwell to expound on the term by indicating that “the marketing concept is a philosophy, not a system of marketing or an organizational structure. It is founded on the belief that profitable sales and satisfactory returns on investment can only be achieved by identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer needs and desires” (Marketing Teacher, par.

A study into Islamic Bank operating framework: A casestudy of Dubai and Malasyia banks

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Some conventional banks have integrated Islamic banking by creating subsidiaries that offer Shari’ah products. Jurisdiction’s Central Bank Acts, Islamic Financial Services Board and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions have been created to provide framework under which Islamic Banks will operate.

The Imaginary Indian and the Noble Savage

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The same is true of the “imaginary Indian”, the construct Crosby identifies that serves to Otherize the Indian no matter whether the narrative is positive or negative. Crosby opens by arguing, “[I]nterest in First Nations people by Western civilization is…recent…; it dates back hundreds of years.

Tracing Biopower:A Foucauldian Reading of T.S. Eliot’s Poems

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In The Waste Land, The Hollow Men and The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, Eliot presents a worldview that critiques the invisible power structures that contribute towards the miserable human conditions in the modern world. Even though he does not pinpoint the origin of such structures, it is implied that the state plays a significant role in defining and regulating human body in nationalistic, socio-religio-cultural and psycho-sexual realms.

Discuss the contrasting literary styles used in James Baldwin's "Sonny's Blues" and Tim O'Brien's "The Things They

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James Baldwin on the other hand, is famous for Sonny’s Blues, a short story about an adolescent introvert who goes through various stages in his life including some struggles and undergoing trauma in the form of heroin addiction. This paper is a reflection of the comparison of literary analysis and in depth meanings of the characters and the circumstances in both the books.


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Plato defines ‘able’ men in his Allegory of the Cave. A man who sees the light of knowledge and understands fully the truth (reality) is fit to rule people who are in living in darkness. This ruler, of Plato, will have seen the good and will be capable of ‘real’ good.

About me

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About Me My name is Hamza Modir and I was born on 20th March 1986. I have been brought up with good values by my parents, such as understanding the dignity of work, worth of money etc. It is due to these mind sets that my father has urged me to take up jobs in my summer holidays since I was in the 10th grade.
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