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Table of Contents Topic Page no. Executive Summary 2 Macro-environmental analysis 3 SWOT analysis 5 Risk Assessment 6 Modes Of Entry 7 Support Service Available In The Country 7 Conclusion 8 Recommendation 9 Appendix 10 Bibliography 10 Executive Summary The following paper deals with the market analysis of UAE to find its feasibility for the export of the brand of cars manufactured by Toyota in Australia.


The popularity of the Toyota and its reputation has been considered in dealing with the analysis. Selection of areas were highlighted which could provide added benefit to the export of the business. The underlying risk associated with the entry of foreign markets was also studied in detail. The market of UAE have been found to be promising for the Australian export market and owing to the benefits the market provides Toyota should not resist its temptation to test its fortune in the market. An added advantage which the market of UAE provides is in the low price of diesels, which generally increases the sale of cars. Other than the general market analysis a study of the associated service has been done to find out whether any obstacles lie in the smooth running of the business. 7. Macro-environmental analysis of UAE 7.1 Political and Legal Environment of UAE: The government of UAE is the combination of seven emirates which is ruled by the president. The government of UAE is flexible relating to the investment from the foreign countries. It promotes and encourages foreign countries to enter their region and carry out business. ...
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