Gippaland E-Market Strategic Plan

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Gippaland E-Market Strategic Plan (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY GPS is a company that is engaged in offering products and services in the hospitality and the healthcare industry. It provides hygiene products that are used in hospitals such as disinfectants, napkins, toilet papers and tissues.


A survey done showed that its customers are mainly tourists and people in aged care and in hospitals. The target market is therefore the hospitality and the healthcare industry for both online and offline customers. There are few competitors that exist in the market and this is because GPS acquired the main competitor in the market. A market analysis revealed that the products are of basic importance and therefore there are no cultural beliefs attached to them. The political environment is also supportive and therefore it will be easy to run the online platform. GPS is strong as it is able to provide most of the goods required by the market. They also have a variety of products to suit different markets. The have also taken a customer based approach where they deal face to face with customers in order to win their trust. The threats identified were the developed companies around that posed the biggest challenge. The goal for online marketing is to grow its numbers, to provide support to customers and provide a platform where it will be easy to interact with customers and products. ...
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