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Ted Talk Title: How to achieve success like my father’s with social media - Essay Example

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Ted Talk Title: How to achieve success like my father’s with social media

When the “.com” boom began, though, he built a plastic surgery website and drastically improved his business and revenues.
To succeed, a person must have passion for whatever he is doing or promoting. The “energy that comes from bringing more of you into what you do” (The M.A.P.), passion lights the fire to make you do what you want to the best of your abilities. Working passionately also shows that you love your work, and will give you benefits for doing it other than purely money-based ones. But success is not easy. It requires a lot of work, and not just any work, but hard work. It takes a lot of practice to get perfect results, and you need a lot of focus. My father knew all this, and he also knew the importance of being persistent. He would not have succeeded at his dream of being a plastic surgeon if he had not.
Will Edward defines success using 7 principles: “commitment, open mind, persistence, flexibility, faith, thankfulness and passion to be successful” (Edward 2006). Its important to note that the number one thing on his list is commitment. To be fully committed, a person must bind his emotions and set his mind to fulfilling his goal. You need to take relevant action for your wishes to come true. Having a dream is not enough: youve got to commit yourself to seeing it accomplished. My father knew all this as well. He was dedicated to his work, although he never made much and tried not to neglect his family.
Even so, the lack of business success must have been difficult. For years he struggled just to keep his small practice open, trying to find a way to attract more customers and make it profitable enough to make his family safe and happy. Fortunately, he always kept an open mind, considering each new innovation in the business and technology world, and asking himself how each could help him with his lifes work. For my father, the breakthrough came when ...
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However, each individual has his or her own way of measuring this success. Some may view it as making loads of money, (Watson 2004), while others may perceive success as the…
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