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This paper will discuss the operations strategy process for three companies that operate in the UK’s Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry, namely: McDonald’s, Subway and KFC.


The paper begins with business description and SWOT analysis of each of these three fast-food chains. From the SWOT analysis and business background information the paper shall identify the key operations performance objectives for each company and relate them to their competitive factors. The paper shall then conclude by identifying which internal performance objectives that McDonald’s, Subway and KFC need to focus on in their operations strategy if they are to remain competitive in future. 2.0. Business description and SWOT Analysis 2.1. McDonald’s McDonald’s Corporation franchised and operated a total of 32,737 restaurants in 117 countries as at end of 2010. This essentially makes it the biggest fast-food retailer in the world. McDonald’s revenues come from sales by its own restaurants and fees – in form of royalties and rent – from its franchised restaurants. Fees levied to these franchises vary depending on a myriad of factors stipulated in the franchise agreement that typically runs for 20 years. McDonald’s realised sales slightly in excess of US$ 24 billion in 2010 which was a 6 per cent increase over the 2009 revenue figures (McDonald’s, 2011). The business is managed as distinct geographic segments, namely: the US, Latin America and Canada, Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa (APMEA), and Europe. ...
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