Cross Cultural Management Issues of UK, China, Spain, and Finland

Cross Cultural Management Issues of UK, China, Spain, and Finland Essay example
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Introduction A large amount of discussion has centred around whether barriers between cultures have gradually diminished (Nordstrom, 1991). Many suggest that the world, particularly the business world, has become increasingly homogenous. Despite these developments, businesses who incorporate cross-cultural elements into their activities experience difficulties as a result of differences in cultural backgrounds, languages and value systems.


This paper will assess the management issues which could arise in an international team consisting of English, Chinese, Spanish and Finnish members. It will then seek to propose methods for addressing these issues and dealing with them effectively. Cross-Cultural Concepts and Issues Which Could Arise There exist many differing theories as to the way in which cultures differ considerably on several levels. One pertinent theory put forth by Maletzke (1996) categorises cultural differences into 9 groups. Although these will be briefly stated, they are relevant in assessing which problems could arise for a manager of an international group. Maletzke states that cultural differences can consist in many different categories (1996). The national character of a culture consists in the shared basic behavioural patterns and personality traits of the people in the culture. In the business arena this can be an issue if one culture, being inherently different to another, finds it difficult to understand, or co-operate with the other. ...
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