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Internal factors in the SWOT matrix look into the company’s strengths and weaknesses while the external factors delve into opportunities and threats affecting the company. The SWOT matrix is employed to improve the operation and performance of the organization by analyzing its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.


These are the attributes that distinguish the company from its competitors. Here, we examine the abilities of the company by investigating its internal environment, which includes the company’s employees, its products and its finances. We evaluate the company’s strengths pertaining its financial position, customer care techniques, cost minimization and employee skills. We need to develop ways of improving the company’s advantages over its competitors in order to maximize profits. To begin with, Twinings Tea’s position in the market should be enhanced to increase its market share when compared to the competitors. This can be done through the training of Twinings Tea marketing staff in better and more customer friendly approaches when dealing with consumers on a personal basis. This will serve to set Twinings Tea on a better position to the consumers’ perspectives; thus, strategically place Twinings Tea in the market. In addition, the research and development department needs to come up with better blends of tea, for instance, through grafting of two of the major blends into a more superior blend that will achieve higher market dominance compared to competitor products. The department can also look into cheaper techniques of producing tea in order to reduce on costs, thereby maximizing profits (David. 2003, p.57). ...
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