Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Essay example
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Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR is the framework that is used to measure the company’s performance in terms of economic, social or environmental factors that surround the company.


Corporate social responsibility helps build sustainable and stable business environments with healthy markets and surrounding communities (McCabe, 2). The key aspects for corporate social responsibility include; firstly, social investment which involves the company contributing to the infrastructure of the community. Secondly, transparency and accountability whereby the company is transparent on what they do, this will help build confidence from the outside on their business. Thirdly, CSR is aimed at enlightening self interest whereby they are able to work well with the community and, lastly, to increase the expectations of the community on their business and that it is not all about getting profits but, also for providing employment and helping the community in their projects. Corporate social responsibility involves a company’s social investment in a society and the trust they build through their CSR activities. A strong CSR is associated with good business and successful leadership; the way they relate to the community will affect their relationship with their customers and stakeholders (McCabe, 4). ...
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