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GNLD and its product Nutritional Supplements

It is through the fast changing health industry that new ways and methods of diagnosis and promotion of better health has been implemented. All these proceedings have brought about patient care, worker efficiency, and hence better health. To achieve these objectives, several companies like GNLD, which manufacture and sell nutritional food supplements, have been introduced. This product has however been impacted by market forces as discussed in this paper. Degree of Rivalry With the increased need for better health, and the extensive research being carried out in the health industry, rival firms have increased competition drawing the profits that GNLD used to make initially. This has made the competition imperfect; hence, each other firm is struggling to achieve competitive advantage and a higher market share than its rival company. In addition, the controversy on the quality of products of the increasing nutritional food supplements companies and slowed down the market growth. This has consequently led to need for storage of the products hence high cost. Further, some of the products are perishable thus; the company decides to sell the products at relatively lower prices. ...
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Opportunities and Threats in GNLD Company Name Institution Course Date Abstract Market forces help firms to contrast a competitive environment with their products. Though many firms have proved to fail in competing effectively as a result of these market forces, it is important for the firm to scan both external and internal environmental factor since it is an essential planning strategy…
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