Case Analysis: "Steven B. Belkin"

Case Study
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Case Analysis: Steven B. Belkin Recommendations Introduction Steven Belkin was a resident of Grand Rapids in Michigan. As a grown up, he had the ambition of establishing his own firm that would operate privately in the back to back group charter industry that is still growing.


One of the major challenges was inadequate capita to begin operations for the firm. This paper examines organizational challenges that Steven faced and recommendations for their solution (Belkin 9). Situation Analysis The situation analysis examines the TTG Company and its environment. TTG was established as a private corporation that provided group travel designated groups of individuals at a low cost. The aim of formation of the group was to meet the increasing demand of low cost travel groups in the U.S. The industry itself is not yet mature. It is ten years old and is still growing given that it has only ten competitors to TTG. The main customer base of TTG are prime groups that are known to be extremely responsive to group travel such as shriners, medical associations and teacher associations among many others. The main product provided by the firm are deluxe group tours. SWOT Analysis This analysis provides an examination of the internal and external environment of TTG Corporation. The internal environment is examined using strengths and weaknesses. Strengths TTG has the strength of low cost services compared to its competitors. The company wishes to provide its deluxe group tours at low costs of $199 per person for a trip to the Caribbean or Europe. ...
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