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Business/Company Analysis (Name) (Tutor’s Name) (Date) Business/Company Analysis Introduction It is common in the international business world, firms expanding their operations to other nations and distant geographical locations without giving much attention to the possibility of cultural differences.


It also varies from its Asian neighbors in the fact that there are hurdles imposed by the government control over enterprises. Chinese Values that Influence Marketing Decisions Admittedly, the very first thing that is noticed about Chinese culture is the importance they give to relationships and connections. In other words, there is a term ‘Guanxi’ in Chinese that means ‘relationship’. Evidently, the Chinese give too much stress on having relationships based on trust and cooperation. In other words, for them, business promotion will not merely run on publicity but it will depend on developing trust and cooperation in China. Another sensitive area in business marketing in China is the personal pride. In this nation, humiliation; either private or public, has a seriously negative impact. However, in this nation, praising can do wonders even if done in moderation. It brings respect, loyalty and negotiations. Another important point is the use of ‘Keqi’, which means ‘courteous and refined behavior’. Generally, in China, exaggerated claims are often viewed with suspicion and disdain. On the other hand, modesty and humility always manage to win hearts easily, as they are recognized as the indications of truthfulness. ...
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