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Johnson and Johnson

Product positioning is a vital marketing tool for any organization to make the products superior compared to other competitors’ products. It comprises developing a unique, reliable and standard customer insight about a company’s offerings and brand image. Organizations can position their products on the basis of utilization, cost, or quality. The advertisements play significant part for positioning the products and the offerings of organizations. Through advertisement, organizations position their products by the way of promoting the differentiators to the customers. To become successful, organizations need effective promotion, advertising and sales initiatives and without them there will be less opportunity for future development of business. The purpose of the paper is to describe the advertising and its impact on positioning of Johnson & Johnson Company. The objective will be accomplished by two phases, firstly describing the product positioning and illustrating how organizations can use it to position their products, secondly, how Johnson & Johnson had used advertisement for positioning one of its popular brands named Tylenol. The reason for choosing this topic is to know the relationship between positioning and advertising and to understand the importance of positioning in business. Company Background Johnson & Johnson is one of the most admired organizations, which trades pharmaceutical and healthcare products ...
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Product positioning is a vital marketing tool for any organization to make the products superior compared to other competitors’ products. It comprises developing a unique, reliable and standard customer insight about a company’s offerings and brand image. …
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