Nordstrom: How to Succeed by Selling Just One Shoe

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Nordstorm Type of Retailer Nordstorm is one of the leading national chain retailers in the US. As of January 29, 2011, Nordstrom had a total of 204 stores across the US (Annual Report, 2010). Nordstorm can be classified as a department store retailer. A department store is a store that carries a wide variety of merchandise, including apparels, cosmetics, jewelry, household goods and electronics.


Department stores usually do not offer large discounts and sell merchandise at or near the suggested retail price. Thus the basic characteristic of department stores common across all the stores of this category is the division of the management into a central management that formulates the overall policies and department heads responsible for policies related to the department. Nordstorm shares these characteristics with other department stores. It is a large chain, with various departments that specialize in clothes, shoes, jewelry and cosmetics. Other retailers in the US that can be categorized as department stores include JC Penny, Sears and Macy's. Level of Service Nordstorm is known for its high level of service. Nordstorm's service level can be classified as a full service as the retailers offers a variety of services including a liberal return policy and focuses on the formulation of a personal relationship with the customers. Nordstorm invests in training its sales people and rewards those who bring in high sales volume. ...
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