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Marketing Module 4 Case Study Name of the Writer Name of the Institution Marketing Module 4 Case Study Internal Memorandum To: Ms. Amy Curtis-McIntyre, Senior VP Marketing, Old Navy From: Marketing Consultant Date: 07 December 2011 Subject: Advertising Strategy Used by Old Navy to Target Young Male Customers Dear Ms.


With the suggested demographics, psychographics and lifestyle elements already selected for this targeted consumer, it appears that you have decided that he is young and virile, has changing tastes and is very much into fashion trends, is a typical metro-sexual living a college life on campus or off it. As members of this young community, the minds of people like Mike are always changing as they are swayed by the latest trends on the move, with the I-Phone, the Internet and the I-Pad very much a part of their lives. With opinions on social media dominating their tastes and choices, it is a wise move to have targeted the bulk of your advertising budget towards the Internet and social media network advertising. Opening pages on Facebook and Twitter has become a necessity now rather than an exception. With millions of users not only in the USA but right across the world, social media pages, opinions and advertising is the way to go nowadays and I commend the new advertising agency for recognizing and helping you capitalize on this trend. I noticed that the new advertising campaign makes use of online video instead of television. This would be in line with the viewing habits of the young teenagers and adolescent group that the company wants to target for increased business. ...
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