Health Care Demand Scenario

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Name Institution Task Date Health Care Demand Scenario The problem being discussed involves a Mr. Jones who has joined the Medicare scheme and has been denied medication by his former physician for joining the scheme. The following sub headings define the solutions proposed to the problem Mr.


It will specifically cater for the people who have attained that age and have bodily disabilities that are permanent. Their offering of these facilities will help them in improving the health standards even for the people who live below the poverty line. Medi-Insurance will cover for almost 80% of the total costs incurred in getting medical attention. The adjunct plan will be established by a private indemnity health company. This health scheme is designed to be used by only people who are over sixty five years and have been citizens of the nation for a period of more than ten years. The beneficiaries of this scheme must have been paying taxes for a period of not less than ten years. They must also be recipients of disability gains from the boards dealing with retirement or the community security boards. These benefits are delivered to patients experiencing terminal diseases that affect the kidney and other vital body organs (Colamery, 2003). The people suffering from physical disabilities will continue receiving the benefits of Medi-Insurance even when they stop receiving benefits from their community boards. The customers of this service will find quality when they are provided with indemnity covers for their stay in hospitals. ...
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