Optical Distortion, Inc.

Case Study
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Institution: Topic: Optical distortion Inc Professor: Course: OPTICAL DISTORTION INC Executive Summary Optical distortion Inc (ODI) is a global poultry firm that manufactures contact lenses for chicken to address the problems of cataracts and other eye problems that birds go through.


The aim was to increase the egg production and meat for its customers. The firm, serving in most regions in the United States, has increased its revenue and is making substantial margins from the sale of eggs The population of birds continues to grow not only in the US but it is rapidly spreading to other parts such as Europe, South America and Latin America. It has increased the efficiency of poultry production by reducing the psychological stress and trauma caused by debeaking and cannibalism.. However, the main challenge has been price fixing as farmers would not want to be exploited or exorbitantly charged. The ODI continues to penetrate new and unexploited markets through timely strategies set by its executives. It has gained reputation in the last 50 years due to excellent customer excellence, cost leadership and continued research and development in the industry. Through timely panning, execution and evaluation of its marketing and other programs, it has gained and continues to gain a larger market share in the industry. ANALYSIS Consumer Orientation A critical analysis of the firm reveals a set of problems that faces the firm. First, it how to hedge the ever increasing costs when farmers respond negatively to any increase in price. As the pointed out in the article, farmers would wish prices to remain low and affordable. ...
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