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Name: Course: Instructor: Date of submission: Introduction According to Quimby, Most people do not consider the aspect of animal health as significant (Quimby, p 5). For this reason, Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals developed to help the neighborhood in treatment and education regarding the importance of animal health.


It is open for emergencies, critical care for animals and surgery. The hospital endeavors in serving the critical health needs of animals with time as of the essence. Previously, the center served as an overnight emergency clinic for pet owners and veterinarians in the local area of Milwaukee and became the first 24 hour emergence and critical care referral center in the state in 1984. 1991 came with the addition of emergency and critical care specialists, surgery and internal medicine doctors to the care givers (Marla, 4). The center moved to another building facility in West Silver Spring Business District in 1999. The building covers more than 13, 800 feet squared with a large waiting room plus four examination rooms. The building has three surgical suites and 41 cage intensive care units and many other functional rooms like isolation units’ laboratories and imaging rooms. Most of the rooms, officially opened in June, 2009 have transparent glass walls to let their customers and veterinarians to keep their eyes on the procedural treatment of their pets and animals. The emergency care hospital has well over 35 staff, which includes an emergency and critical care specialist. ...
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