Gillette: Maintaining Dominance in the Global Razor Market.

Gillette: Maintaining Dominance in the Global Razor Market. Assignment example
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The success of Gillette in the razor market has continued over the years. After continuing with the dominance in the market for several years the market of Gillette started taking a dip as Wilkinson Sword Schick emerged.


In the context of the competition form Schick, Gillette introduced Mach 3 and in the response to Mach 3, Schick introduced the Quattro. However Gillette filed a lawsuit against Schick with the allegation that, Schick has used the same technology in the production of Quattro, which has been used by Gillette in the production of mach 3. The legal battle between the two organizations was further enhanced as Schick also filed a lawsuit against Gillette in protest to the tagline used by them in their advertising campaign. However the court allowed both the organizations to carry on with the products and advertisement. However the recent trend shows that Gillette has stopped innovation in the product of wet shaving market and they should launch new product in the section to continue with their dominance. Effective marketing skills are also to be undertaken by the organization for the effective promotion of their products in various parts of the world by associating them with major event taking place in various parts of the world along with engaging the brand name of the organization with major fashion events. ...
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