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Report Executive Summary: A friendly takeover of Delta plc by Alpha plc is proposed. The acquisition is confirmed by the Board of directors of both the firms informally, and a transaction value of ?12.00 per share of Delta plc stocks is offered. There are some alternative forms of payment by Alpha Plc to Delta Plc.


It has been agreed by the two companies, that the merger will result in economies of scale with a net present value (NPV) of ?90.00 million. The report aims at finding out the better option among the alternatives to fix the deal, that is, which option will act better for Alpha plc, and which for Delta Plc. To find out the answers for these questions, the net present net value is calculated, and searched for any other option to be suggested. In this report, the first step is gathering the financial information (given in the case itself) and combining it appropriately. Then the present net value and the market value of each share are taken into consideration. The findings from the calculation is, The Delta plc team chooses every stock offer for the reason that, the alternative gives Delta plc the highest premium. Introduction: A capitalist needs to develop his business, either by internal or external development. The internal expansion of a firm grows gradually, taking its own time in the normal course of the business. This cycle includes attainment of new assets, substitute of the technologically outdated equipments, and the diversification for new lines of products and services. In external expansion, a company takes over an existing business firm which is comparatively smaller and grows quickly through corporate combinations. ...
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