Critiquing Google as a Brand

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Critiquing Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two graduate students at Stanford University in California, developed Google as a search engine as part of their graduate research project. In 1996 Google was first introduced as a search engine in Stanford University’s internal wed sites.


Market relevance: Google is criticized in regard to its relevance in the market. Since its inception the company and its brands and products have been dominating the market. Gerald Reischl showed several significant facts and aspects and argued that the company has developed tremendous power by presenting many additional services which are beyond the general functionalities of original search engine. In this way the company has captured the market for creating monopoly in internet search and computer software markets (Deicke 1). The company is the market leader in search engines. The Google-Yahoo! deal that has been signed in 2008 was criticized by the US Department of Justice regarding the violation of Antitrust law (Cline 43). It has also been argued that Google could not provide effective leadership and vision in the market. The company also holds monopoly in the market for online advertising (Deicke 1). Historical significance and critiquing Google: The company receives data and information from different people to whom it provides free software applications. This has been the main historical significance of the company. But the company receives information without even asking those people. ...
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