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Marketing issues portfolio

A micro-environment is the internal environment in which the company operates in. This environment is directly related to a given company and it affects a particular company at a given time because it is internal. These factors can be controlled or managed by the management of the company if the right measures are taken at the right time. These factors include; the company itself whereby it is found that different companies have different policies, management style and culture that regulate how business is conducted. As such each company in the economy has different objectives that they aim to achieve where some are growth oriented while others want to make profit as they reach their corporate responsibility goal. The company environment is important as it determines how marketing is done and activities controlled in the company. Suppliers are another micro-environment that affects how the customers receive the intended goods at the required time so as to increase their satisfaction. When selecting the suppliers, careful consideration has to be put into consideration to avoid any inconveniences that may affect the customers in a negative way, for example, the technology available to the supplier, their efficiency in delivering goods as well as the cost of their goods as this will affect the prices that are charged to the customers (Palmer & Worthington, 1992, p. 112).
The third aspect of a micro-environment is the intermediaries or those parties that help link the company and its final customers. These parties ensure that the goods reach the customers at the convenience place and time and they play an important role in developing the customer loyalty, for example, the retailers. The customers to the company create another aspect of a micro marketing environment. They are important as they are the immediate users of goods and services provided by the company ...
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These forces also affect the loyalty of the customers and what they preach to other people when they leave the company. A marketing…
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