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Running Head: Marketing Marketing [Writer’s Name] [Institute’s Name] Marketing Environmental factors affecting Waterstones Marketing Marketing does not take place in isolation; in fact, it remains in a constant dialogue with the micro and macro environment.


52-53). The greatest force, which is influencing Waterstones, is the technological revolution of eBooks and the rise of digital gadgets that are offering large contents of online books, which can be accessed at a single click of the customers. Furthermore, more and more publishers and writers are now offering their books on the internet. On the cultural side, the era of library and paper books is quickly fading away. People today live busier lives and believe that they have too much to catch up on. Therefore, the “gadget culture” is prevailing where people conduct almost all their operations and duties with their cell phones, laptops, tablet devices and others. From booking an airline ticket to sending a birthday card, from shopping for grocery to ordering a pizza, from reading the newspaper to watching movies, everything is now happening online. This online or e-book mindset will further support such companies. The economic environment, which can be characterized by economic recession and its continued impacts, is dampening the sales of books. The statistics for the first half of the year 2011 reveal that book sales and volume have been decreasing even the export of books from UK is also on decline. ...
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