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Creating a Promoting Plan - Essay Example


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Creating a Promoting Plan

The mass media, Radio and Television, should not be used. The reason for not using these media is because it is extremely expensive and should never be used unless the target market is the entire population. Since, this business serves only a particular market; hence advertising on mass medium is wastage of resources. The company should use below the line marketing effort in order to attract people towards the business. In the first stage when the business is still young, the company should offer sales discount and provide free samples to consumers in order to encourage trial purchase. Many businesses fail because they are unable to generate trial purchase and hence consumers are not aware of the product and its benefits. Hence, BTL activities are an extremely important part of the company’s promotion plan. When the sales pick up and the company matures, the focus of advertising should shift from generating trial purchases to inform people about the business and its strengths. This can be done through advertising on bill boards and using specialist magazines in order to make sure that the target market is being tapped effectively. (Armstrong and Keller, 2003) As soon as the company reaches some sort of maturity, the advertising and promotion of the company should also include Public Relations. ...
For example, a yoghurt company can associate itself with a local sporting event in order to tell the people that Yoghurt is healthy and at the same time it is telling the target market that it

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Over the past five years, there has been an increase in online shopping by 40%. This is combined with over 85% of individuals that use the Internet to make a purchase. The expectation with the online purchases is reliant on the website and the ability to have a stronger alternative for the purchases that are available, making this one of the most important aspects of making online purchases (MC, 2011).
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In fact, ensuring that the plan is communicated effectively to all related and concerned personnel is a part of the planning process (Bnet, 2008). 2. A Strategic Business Unit or an SBU is in essence a sub-segment within an organization that is created with the objective of catering to the demands of one particular business area, and thus in spite of having adjacent focus of market and customers with the organization, is responsible to develop a separate and specific marketing strategy for itself (12manage, 2008; Bnet, 2008).
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is playing its role in developing young players. Similarly, celebrity association is also important and can only be achieved once the company matures as endorsements are expensive. A young many might not be financially well placed to pay the endorsing celebrities as they command extremely large amount. Hence it is recommended that the company should go into this venture of promoting their business once they are mature and financially stable enough to meet the high costs of conducting such expenses. (Keller and Kotler, 2004) The use of Advertising and PR as a part of company’s promotion plan will ensure the company’s visibility to its target market and this will generate not only sales, but will also work towards providing goodwill to the company. However, this should be done very cleverly and each campaign should continue the effect of the last campaign and at the same time providing something new to the people to talk about. Once, the company’s sales are stable, both advertisement and PR activities should be expedited in order to make sure that there is no room for competitor to enter the market and the business is capable enough to meet the demands of the market at a reasonable cost. (Daft, 1994) STEP-BY-STEP: In the launch stage, the company should promote its BTL advertising activities informing consumers about the special introductory pricing and discounts of the product. At this time, there is no need to conduct PR activities at it is expensive and the company is still young. Once the company gets older it should start advertising in


The promotion should be a mixture of both Public Relation and Advertisement activities. The reason for selecting this type of plan is because experts believe that Advertising and PR (Public Relation) activities can take businesses to such high places where one alone cannot…
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Creating a Promoting Plan essay example
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