The Nature of the Industry

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reference from part1 and part 2 please can you separated both of the references University of East London School of Computing and Technology Civil Engineering _______________________________ Name ______________________________ Course Title/year Work Based Study CE 1212 Coursework Report “The Nature of the Industry” ________________________________ Date of Submission Introduction The engineering and construction is considered as one of the most complex and hazardous form of industries.


The Part 1 contained three sub-tasks wherein Task 1 presents the roles and responsibilities of the involved construction specialist personnel including the health and safety themes and intention of the policy as well as the precautionary and control methods in construction site. Specifically, Task 2 discusses the nature of design and construction works to be undertaken for commercial development. Moreover, Task 3 presents the challenges and opportunities faced by the construction industry in UK. Meanwhile, the Part 2 of this paper would present a descriptive report on the actual site visit conducted by the researcher. Part 1 Task 1 A. Roles and Responsibilities Basically, engineering and construction involves complex and critical operation process. Hence, it includes various construction personnel who works together in order to complete a built structure based on client’s specifications, costs, time and building standard quality. Usually, the team is consists of the following personnel: Architect, Mechanical and Electricity Engineer, Site-Based Cost Control Surveyor, Site Engineer and Site-Based Environmental manager. ...
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