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Individual written assignmnet 4

After confirming that all the information I provided was accurate, they let me enter the stadium and provided me with the fan-shirts and bands with a guarantee that non one is going to bother me over tickets issue.
The employees were generally friendly, with constant assurance that the service that I was requesting will be granted so long as the information that I provided is accurate and genuine. The office is located inside the stadium, with the interior appearance designed to represent football mood.
Application of marketing theory; the staff at the booking office engages weighty and collaborative decision-making process in finding the solution for the absence of the entry tickets for a pre-paid customer. The Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is also applicable because the staff ensured that I got the services I required instead of making me go back and pick my ticket.
Some friends and I decided to visit the restaurant for dinner since we were celebrating my cousin’s birthday. Crunchy British Grill was our favourite restaurant due to the famous dishes offered at a fair price. Its location is also favourable since our neighbourhood is close to Manchester where the restaurant is located. Situating the party in the restaurant enabled us to gauge the environment around the hotel with that of the Shaw green neighbourhood that lived since our childhood.
We arrived at the restaurant at 6.00PM on October 10, 2005 and had to wait for two hours before being seated for dinner as it is customary for most restaurants in Shaw green neighbourhood. However, after arriving, we did not wait for long as we had earlier anticipated. The seating places were readily available. This prompted us to seat immediately and started our event. The service delivery was also ensured by the active and committed waiters. The quality of food was superb while the atmosphere was excellent for the occasion.
One of the marketing theories applicable in this case is the ...
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However, I had accidently forgotten my tickets back home and was determined to attend the match. This prompted me to attend the game early to cofirm whether an arrangement could be…
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Individual written assignmnet 4
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