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Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Promotion Assignment The effectiveness of luxury hotels to sustain leadership in their respective niches in the hospitality sector depends significantly on the innovativeness and creative strategies applied in advertising and promotions campaign.


Let us be your guide.” (Levere par. 2). In this regard, the current essay would evaluate the promotional campaign’s effectiveness using the following elements: target market, source and date of publication, purpose, message content, message execution style, layout and design, and personal suggestions. Source: Levere Target Market: The target market is clearly for luxury travellers, who are affluent, coming from the high-income bracket, with ages ranging from early 40s to late 50s and whose purpose for travelling could be diverse, from purely leisure and relaxation to business; and could be accompanied by family members (spouse and children) or alone. This type of market looks forward to enjoying the comforts of a sophisticated hotel in all its grandeur, posh amenities and the comforts of relishing a magnificent view. Source and Date of Publication: The promotional advertisement is reportedly advertised “in the May issue of The Financial Times’ “How to Spend It” magazine and in the July issue of Departures. The ads will run this fall in both publications, and this fall and winter in Conde Nast Traveller UK, Forbes Life, Robb Report, Bentley Magazine and Luxury Travel Advisor, a trade publication” (Levere par. 14). ...
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