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Building Your Marketing Plan - Essay Example


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Building Your Marketing Plan

Pricing decisions therefore are critical in the sense that it can help organization to actually determine how much to produce and what level of units or quantities to target. Such importance of pricing therefore can allow an organization to actually determine the level of sales in units as well as in monetary terms the value required to reach a point where a firm starts to earn revenue. As such, there are different assumptions made by the firms to arrive at a price which is considered as just right. Further, the breakeven point is the beyond which a firm actually starts to make a profit. As such, it is important for our firm to first target that level of revenue and quantity which can bring us to the point beyond which we can start earning profit. To arrive at a price, there are different approaches which a firm can adapt actually to arrive at a right price. These approaches include demand-oriented, cost-oriented and competition oriented. (Phillips, 2006). Under these assumptions, a firm can actually take different perspectives to determine the price based upon typical factors faced by that firm. Since we will be in food business therefore our approach will be focused upon determining the right approach which can help us to set the right price. We therefore strive to achieve accuracy and precision in determining the right price which can make us profitable in near future. It is also critical to understand that once accuracy and precision is achieved in determining the prices, these approaches

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The company feels  that the current marketing plan for its products does not put them in a position to reach the  profit potential for the small appliances.  Success with the new line will depend upon an accurate assessment of the market and a  well-crafted, effectively implemented marketing plan that will fit in the current market.  As the marketing manager, you are charged with the responsibility of developing a new  marketing plan that will enable the company to reach the full profit potential of one small  appliance from the new product line.  The president has suggested that you use the “clean sheet of paper” concept as you develop  the plan; therefore, during the time you
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Marketing Plan: Individual Reflective Essay Student’s Name, I.D. Course Number: Course Title Term and Year Instructor’s Name Marketing Plan: Individual Reflective Essay Introduction In the age of market economy, marketing plan has emerged as a major substitute to the standard and traditional tools of budgeting and forecasting in business management.
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Electronic marketing or e-marketing means making use of digital technologies to help sell your goods, products or services to the customers. These technologies are an important addition to traditional marketing techniques no matter what the size of your company or your business model is.
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residential and commercial plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems. The targeted budget for the marketing plan is $70,000, which will be shared amongst the list of specific actions that forms the marketing program. The plan is intended at ensuring a sales growth by 40% annually.
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He went on to explain his view of the role of policies', with which strategy is most often confused: "Policies are rules or guidelines that express the 'limits' within which action should occur. Simplifying somewhat, marketing strategies can be seen as the means, or game plan', by which marketing objectives will be achieved and, in the framework that we have chosen to use, are generally concerned with the 4 Ps, i.e.
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All parts of the marketing plan are interlinked and should be considered as a single whole. Successful marketing management requires recognition and authority at the top decision-making level. Marketing programs must be carefully planned and based not merely on knowledge of internal corporate affairs, but also on knowledge of external environments.
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The first ever senior citizen day care Centre was started In England in the 1950s and since the 1970s a good number of them in a variety of forms have existed in the United States. Executive Summary There have been
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There are many departments in the company where various functions are been performed like customer service, cooking, cooking classes, the house keeping department, marketing department. All these departments do perform in an efficient
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Additionally, Zsamar’s Barber Salon will cater to young mothers by providing their children with kid toys to play as they wait for their hair stylists. Zsamar’s Barber Salon will be located in a high traffic syndicated
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It is the company’s goal to provide customers with a one-stop shopping opportunity, while maintaining profitability and brand identity. Founded ten years ago by Nicholas Newman and Lucille Russell, Athletics Supreme is run by a highly
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should be applied consistently. The consistent application of the different pricing approaches therefore can really set the firm distinguished from the competition in the industry. Assumptions One of the key assumptions to be made hereunder is based upon the notion of adapting average costing and average pricing. The average cost in the industry and the average prices charged in the industry will be the yardsticks based upon which final prices will be determined besides calculating the break-even point. Break Even Since we will be offering a diversified menu therefore it may be relatively difficult to arrive at a single break-even point. Break-even point for either on the menu based or on an average based pricing will be our basis. Based on the assumptions made, we assume that we will be incurring a fixed cost of $100,000 per year which will include selling and admin costs, equipment costs, loan payments, depreciation and etc. Average price per meal assumed to be $10 whereas there will be a unit variable cost of $5. Considering above assumptions, following calculations can be worked out: BEP = [FC ? (P – UVC)] BEPunits = [100,000 ? (10-5) = 20,000 meals per year for Break-Even BEPr = 20,000 x 10 = $200,000/- In order to break-even, restaurant must be selling 20,000 meals per year and earn a revenue of $200,000 per year. This will be the point where our business will be neither in loss and nor in profit but will be focused upon earning sufficient amount to achieve a revenue level of $200,000. However, if prices are reduced to $8, calculations will look like this, BEP = [FC ? (P – UVC)] = 100,000 / (8-5) = 33,334 meals per year = 33,334 x 8 = 266,672/- These calculations suggest that by lowering the prices to $8, we have to sell higher number of meals to achieve a break-even point. Since industry average is assumed to be $10 therefore


Pricing is one of the key aspects of ensuring that the business earns enough to survive and provide a return to the shareholders. Prices which are adequately set therefore are considered as one of the key for providing competitive advantage to the firms. Pricing therefore is the key element in determining the overall profitability of the firm and how it is going to survive through the competition…
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Building Your Marketing Plan essay example
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