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marketing research "Exploring University of Leicester Students Perception of Healthy Eating and Food Consumption " - Essay Example

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marketing research "Exploring University of Leicester Students Perception of Healthy Eating and Food Consumption "

It is been seen that carbohydrate consumption depends on consumers mood. When students get depressed they usually consume carbohydrate more. But excessive consumption of carbohydrate can cause obesity. According to several research reports consumptions of unhealthy food can cause stress and depression. During stressed situations students overeat foods to relief it but in normal situation they would avoid overeating (Rodriguez, 2012).
Stress in student life directly proportional to overweight, unhealthy food consumption and try to blindly copy food habit from advertisement. Shifted of food choices from lower fat contain food to higher fat contain food can happen among the students because of stress (Blum, 2011). In past couple of research it is been found that during exams or before the exams or final year project or thesis submission or campus interview consumption of foods in canteen or hostel increase in great extent. Students do that to relief the stress from their head and try to distract themselves from subjects. Senior female students are getting weight because of less eating of vegetables, high-stress and consumption of high cholesterol foods. In research 65% of UOL students replied that they have high academic stress in their university and 50% of the students replied that they eat very unhealthy food regularly in their university in lunch time (Laria, 2012). This is the prior time to understand the eating pattern of students. If stress and depressive mood can lead to the unhealthy food habit then on the other hand good mood and excellent psychiatric situation can lead to healthy and nutritional food habit (Kwate, 2010). University students have the liberty to choose their own food and as they spent more time outside the home they usually eat less homemade food and more outside food. Eating behaviour and knowledge on nutritional diet formed in young adult age that is the college and university time. So making students ...
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Pattern of food consumption is changing drastically among the population. But still younger generations that are mainly students still eat too much junk food…
Author : elyssaabbott

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