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LOREAL BUILDING A GLOBAL COSMETIC BRAND. Pages 644- 651 of your main text Ghauri and Cateora text book (2010) - Case Study Example

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LOREAL BUILDING A GLOBAL COSMETIC BRAND. Pages 644- 651 of your main text Ghauri and Cateora text book (2010)

L’Oreal has managed to penetrate the market deeper because of the strength of its brand. Mostly, it is its association with top models and proper marketing that has aided the company to fly high. Amid strong competitive environment, L’Oreal has fully engrossed in one line of product production to achieve quality. Unlike its competitors who have diversified, L’Oreal has only opted to stay fixed to one line of production. Branding is a major asset of a company and through it; a company can either achieve market or financial advantage (Jayachandran 2004).
A brand can be defined as a name which influences buyers. Throughout its entire period in the market L’Oreal has managed to grab the attention of customers. At the display of its products customers are easily evoked to make a purchase. L’Oreal has adopted a method of saliency, differentiation and intensity to market its products globally. Being an attention driven economy brand campaign is a requirement, bringing to the fore the major attributes of the product aids the sale of that product; these are the mechanisms which L’Oreal has incorporated in its strategy (Cant 2006).
L’Oreal’s brand has been a certitude and risk reducer in the market. Each moment a customer comes across these products they feel contended about the quality and use of them. L’Oreal’s product images portray a quality and functional product which is essentially attractive in the eyes of the customers. It is these appealing techniques which have spurred the growth of this company. A clear observation at the taglines of the company is a sign that its planning mechanisms are up to date; ‘because you are worth it’. These Cathy taglines are what pull customers continually to remain loyal in the company’s products. It gives a sense of caring and concern to customers in the market (Little & Marandi 2003)
The logo chosen by the company is a simple and easily interpreted ...
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It has become an indomitable giant in the industry. For example, in the year 2012, it recorded an exceeding growth of 10% nominal terms and a 5% organic terms; the…
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