Marketing in Outer Space

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(Name) (Instructor) (Subject) (Date) Marketing in Outer Space I will start a bed and breakfast hotel on the moon and be able to serve the people that come for tours. This is because the people that travel to outer space only stay in the spacecrafts because the moon is just an open space that is dark and endless.


These foods have many preservatives that reduce their nutritional value. This bed and breakfast will offer them fresh preservative-free-foods. The bed and breakfast hotel will be cheap and affordable for the clients. The food and other supplies used in the hotel will be transported daily from earth by the aircrafts that visit the place. The bed and breakfast hotel will create more job opportunities for people on earth and a different environment. This business will also attract more people to travel to outer space as they have a guarantee of fun and a place to rest well while visiting the moon. The profits that will be generated from the bed and breakfast hotel will be used for expansion. My goal is to ensure that the clients receive that best services as they could receive back home. The place will ensure that guests are pampered and heal from the cramps they got while travelling. The new facilities will include rental houses for people who will be willing to work on the bed and breakfast hotel. They will be able to live with their families, which will make them work better because of emotional support. Their families will also start up other goods and services. This will make the clients that visit the area enjoy their stay and have access to quality services. ...
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