Company Performance Paper: Helen of Troy

Company Performance Paper: Helen of Troy Essay example
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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Company Performance Paper Helen of Troy Helen of Troy Limited is a company which designs, produces and markets brand names of personal care electrical products. Some of the products they work with include home air clippers, hair dryers, curling irons, and body massagers among others.


Selling of these products guarantees the company gets steady revenue in ensuring it meets its revenue targets (Helen of Troy). The company is under the governorship of a board of directors headed by Gerald J. Rubin who is the chairman, Chief Executive Officer and the president of the organization. The current head of the organization has been serving since 2000 and has scaled the organization to higher heights as the company was ranked one of the best small companies in 2007 (Hamilton). The management staff have also ensured the company undergoes acquisition which has made it successful. As much as the company tries to move forward, it faces competition from its key competitors that are Conair Corporation and Energizer Holdings, which also deal with personal care products, household appliances and cosmetics and skin care products manufacturing. The company plans to grow as per its strategic plan by venturing into new markets. The globalization of the world has enhanced the emergence of new companies in the market which are rapidly expanding, hence they pose a risk to Helen of Troy as competition stiffens. They risk losing some of their clients to emerging industries. ...
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