Research Paper Proposal: Sexism

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John Q. Student Professor Doe English 344 8 May 2000 Sexism 1. What topic would you like to investigate in your writing and research? I would like to investigate the methods in which advertising media influence and reinforce sexism in American society. Particularly, I am interested in examining how advertising portrays men negatively.


The majority of these advertisements use sexism in order to sell a product to the consumer. Interestingly, most researchers have focused on how advertising objectifies and sells women. However, I am researching how advertisements present an unfavorable picture of men and how this affects men’s self-image as well as society’s treatment of men. 3. Why does your research of the topic matter to the audience? Advertising revenue is the major funding source for the majority of entertainment and information that Americans receive. Broadcast and cable networks use advertising to generate money to fund programming that is informative, such as news magazine shows, and entertaining, such as sitcoms. Social media sites use advertising to pay for the costs of running their business. Most individuals watch television, read magazines and newspapers, or gather information through social media and the internet. Because advertising is the source of funding for most of these entertainment and information outlets, the individual is exposed to advertising multiple times per day. If sexism exists in the advertising, the individual is exposed to the influence of sexism, even if this exposure is subconscious. In short, we all view advertising, and it has an effect on us. 4. ...
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