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Marketing 2: Cornflower Blue Name of Student Student Number Institution Course Code Instructor’s Name Date Cornflower Blue Marketing Strategy Introduction Marketing per se can be termed as the way towards the recognition and contentment of consumer needs in a way to realise the company’s objectives and profitability, survival, and eventual growth of the business (Ferell and Hartline, 2012).


Cornflower Blue is a small chain specializing in sale of herbal remedies, herb based body care and aromatherapy products. They also deal in culinary products like chutneys, honey and teas. With an outlet chain currently totaling five retail outlets, it stated as a family shop in the 60s, in Oxford. For effective marketing and realisation of higher sales, Cornflower Blue has to initiate a strategic marketing plan that aims at maximizing the sale by targeting all potential customers. According to Lamb and Hair (2012), marketing is highly crucial towards the boosting of sale with the proper market target and utilization of strategic marketing steps. Shaw (2011) argues that any business venture that aims at promoting the sale has cost affiliation, with respect to this; Cornflower Blue will incur marketing costs, which will reflect in the realisation of increased profits. Discussion The discussion part will deal with the strategic plan of Cornflower Blue with respect to macro and micro factors affecting the marketing strategy. Further, segmentation and target strategy will be looked analyzed. Finally, the buyers’ behavior towards affecting the marketing process, as well as the reposition of Cornflower Blue products will be discussed. 1. ...
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