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"Marketing Objectives and Ethics in Marketing"

There is respect everywhere starting from the employees to the customers including in the environment that surrounds the company. Honesty also lingers into the minds of the staffs having a successful internal and external communication in the business transactions. Responsibility is also given the first priority where by each of the words and actions from the company matters a lot. Confirmation and commitment is their first assured key to success. All this gives the company credit to be one of the best ethical companies.
Some marketing strategies of a company can really cost the productivity of a company causing it to fail meeting its goals. Planning and execution are two major points in marketing which are interdependent. The strategy formulae of the business and its implementation are two different functions. Planners in a business who overlap ideas create a chance of the company to succeed but when execution is not well done it may lead to knowledge transfer problem, and affect the implementation process. Example if the Adobe Systems does not execute its applications very well, it may not upload its application at the right time and update them as required. The mistake of passing the knowledge on the updates concerning its application may affect the company. That will create a bad image to the company making the customers to stop downloading their ...
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The company fits very well in our ethisphere environment because it clearly identifies the right things and priorities in terms of…
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