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Consumer Buying Decision: Ethel Name Course Instructor Institution Date Consumer Buying Decision The buying decision process of Ethel’s consumers is characterized by a socially driven type of decisions for the purchase of chocolate. The history of chocolate illustrates its association with the elite in the society.


The socially driven consumer decisions at Ethel is further revealed by the fact that the “Prices are not for everyone's wallet” and yet they spend on the chocolate so that they would have social fulfillment. The decisions for purchase of chocolate at Ethel’s and the related social component are illustrated by the luxurious environment at the Ethel’s Lounges. This environment provides a conducive surrounding for social interaction of the consumers as they enjoy the chocolate. Moreover, the chocolate buying decisions of the consumers at Ethel’s are motivated by psychological driven decisions. The chocolates have been associated with fresh life as illustrated by the company’s sign on the company’s “attempt to breathe fresh life into chocolate”. The company’s sign is a psychological aspect to marketing which has attracted consumers and convinced them to make purchase decisions (Dostal, 2011). These decisions are based on the belief by the consumers that through Ethel’s chocolate there is renewal. This is the justification for the expenditure that the consumers engage in the purchase of the chocolates which are relatively expensive. Nonetheless, the psychosocial components of the consumer decisions are also affected by various factors which determine their decisions to make a purchase of chocolate at Ethel’s. ...
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