Corporate Social Responsibility And Sustainable Marketing

Corporate Social Responsibility And Sustainable Marketing Coursework example
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Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Marketing Contents Contents 2 Introduction 3 The Company 3 The Market 3 Diagnostics 7 Communication Activities of Nike 7 Advertising and Promotion 7 Packaging 10 Illustrations of the Advertisements of Nike Reflecting Awareness of Social Responsibility 11 Conclusions and Recommendations 15 References 17 Introduction The Company The entrepreneurial adventure of two people, Bowerman and Phil Knight belonging to the region of Oregon resulted in the full grown development of a global sportswear company, Nike.


Along the years of its entrepreneurial operations in the realm of sports equipments and merchandises the company has been able to design a large brand portfolio by taking into hold a large number of subsidiaries. The sportswear company, headquartered in Oregon operates based on its operations spread over 160 countries round the world. Working on the basis of a large value chain constituted by around 1 million people pertaining to the categories of suppliers, manufacturers and other support categories the company tends to bring about large scale innovation in the realm of sportswear (Nike Inc. 2011). The Market The global market for sportswear reflects two types of consumer trends. Consumers tend to purchase sportswear merchandise more in regards to enhancing their fashion quotients rather than using such for the sole purpose of sports. Nike is held to be the pioneer brand in holding sportswear as a contemporary fashion wear in the global market. During 2003 the total global market for sportswear shoes and other apparels amounts to around $58 Billion. ...
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