Discuss the Critical Factors Relating to Customer Expectations

 Discuss the Critical Factors Relating to Customer Expectations  Essay example
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Discuss the critical factors relating to Customer Expectations and the ways in which organizations can ensure that these expectations are consistently met or exceeded Customers are users of products and services provided by businesses. Every customer has some expectations from the product he/she uses.


The customer today has become more demanding and is only satisfied as long as his requirements are constantly met (Ward 1994). The success of a company largely depends on customer satisfaction and for this the businesses throughout the world are focusing on measuring and improving the satisfaction level of both internal and external customers. The expectations of the customers are simple; all they desire are timely quality solutions within budget. Meeting these expectations results in customer satisfaction. The basic condition for delivering superior service is to understand customer expectations; customers have preconceived expectations when judging a firm’s service. The Theory of Expectations is the most commonly accepted theory in this regard. It states that the customer has a predetermined standard of expectations and the satisfaction or dissatisfaction results from a comparison between these predetermined sets of expectations and the actual performance of the product or the service (Swamidass 2000). Given the fact that the extent to which customer expectations are met will decide their level of satisfaction from the services, it is very important to understand their expectation in the first place and then to deliver on those expectations (Rai 2007). ...
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