Manage the Marketing Process

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[Name] [Course Title] [Instructor Name] [Date] Managing Marketing Process This assignment is based on managing the marketing process. Jim’s Cleaning in Australia is used to demonstrate on how a company manages the marketing process. This assignment focuses on the measures taken for measuring business effectiveness; effectiveness can be measured by financial performance, market performance, and managing 7 P’s through 4 C’s.


If these four segments are not available, an organisation does not exist. Therefore, the marketing process is managed by the top marketing professionals. The top marketing professionals manage the marketing process by analyzing the market trends and market structure, absorbing the opportunities from the environment, developing the effective strategies, planning, implementing and controlling the marketing strategies and functions, and finally measuring the business efficacy to evaluate on how well the marketing process is managed by the top marketers. Jim’s Cleaning is the leading organisation that has been used in this assignment for analyzing its business effectiveness, marketing approaches, marketing strategies, and its business and market metric in which it operates. Measuring Business Effectiveness The effectiveness of the business can be measured by evaluating the performance of an organisation. The effectiveness of business is measured in terms of business profitability and business performance increased or decreased due to marketing activities. Marketing mix and customers are the two tools that must be accurately managed by the top marketers for managing and aligning the marketing activities together to achieve productive results. ...
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