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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: External Analysis of Blackberry Blackberry abilities began expanding, with the coming of Java and the capacity, to transmit emails when the 6000 and 5000 series came to existence. Integration of the full color screen came with the 7000 series making an enhanced experience in web browsing (Mobile Marketer TM, 2009).


The present 9000 series has extended the capabilities of blackberries (Baldauf and Stair, 180). The series is now able to receive RSS feeds, display full HTML web pages, and other networking abilities. This short paper will deal with the threats and opportunities of the Blackberry Company. Major threats faced by Blackberry The company faces a myriad of threats in which the leading is competition from companies producing similar products. Motorola gave a notable competition to the company in the year 2007 (Blackberry Product Fans, 2008). This occurred because Motorola had superior products that competed with then RIM blackberry phones. There are also other mobile phones capable of sending and receiving emails including Nokia and Ericson (Blackmore, 5). These have also offered competition to the Blackberry products. Nokia has been a dominant cell phone provider in the world. This has enabled Nokia to compete with Blackberry well in the world market (Evers and Johnston, 120). Motorola has been able to establish a brand appreciation that is strong with its consumer market. The Motorola Company has made product promotion in the market successfully. The Motorola marketing staff has made extraordinary efforts in boosting this venture of promotional marketing (Cook, 3). ...
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