Buying Behavior & Market Analysis

Buying Behavior & Market Analysis Essay example
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Topic: BUYING BEHAVIOR AND MARKET ANALYSIS Instructor: Name: Date: From the three products, I have purchased a computer software, which was a computer game, and an underwear. The computer game was a high involvement purchase and the underwear was a low involvement purchase.


It also took a substantial amount of risk because some of the files could be corrupted and it wouldn’t function. Again, the game could refuse to work with my computer. On the other hand, a low involvement purchase needs simple process of evaluation. Buying underwear was simple and it is something I do every now and then. I knew the brand and the size I was going for. In purchasing the computer game, I felt that I needed a better and a recent version of the game I had. I had seen this new version in my friend’s computer and felt that I, too, should have one like that. The next thing I did was to enquire about the game. The price was the first thing to enquire so that I could know if I could afford it or at least needed some assistance. Another thing that I had to know was whether the game could play on my computer, that is the processor and RAM requirement of the game. Lastly I had to enquire if there was a warranty in case the game was not in good condition. After getting all the information about the game, I had to evaluate in what terms it was better than the one I had. Another friend of mine had told me about another similar computer game and I had to go and enquire from him and compare the two. Finally I decided to purchase the game. It worked well with my computer and I was completely satisfied with that purchase. In purchasing the underwear, the task was rather simple. ...
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