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IPHONE 5 SCENARIO Introduction to selected organization and scenario eBrand Media is seeking to introduce a new product line to the Sub-Saharan African region. The company has been in existence in the IPhone 5 industry for some time now and has been a major market player and competitor.


It is in line with this that the need to introduce a new market has come in. Identifying how the Sub-Saharan African region is rapidly warming itself into the global technology trend, the company finds it just appropriate to choose that geographic destination for its new market (Global Economic Trends, 2011). Detailed areas in Market Research Sub-Saharan Africa has some important market areas and indicators that make its choice by eBrand Media very appropriate and ideal. Reports from Trading Economics (2012), notes that “the Population; total in Sub Saharan Africa was last reported at 853,566,225.00 in 2010, according to a World Bank report released in 2011.” Knowing that Africa has an increasing population ratio, it is clear that the end as of now has increased. Out of this numbers, greater part has been partakers of the new globalization trend whereby the use of communication tools such as mobile phones and the internet has become very common. In terms of merging market, it can be said that Sub-Saharan Africa is one region of the world where the company can expect to have some of the world’s finest merging markets. The reason is that Sub-Saharan Africa is not privileged to have so many IPhone manufacturing companies. ...
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