Marketing Ethics: Psst! Have you heard?

Marketing Ethics: Psst! Have you heard? Coursework example
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Marketing Ethics: Psst! Have you heard? 1. What are the ethical issues in relation to stealth marketing? Ethics can be defined as moral principles and values which an individual, an organization or any other entity display through their conduct (Smith et al, 1992). In the case of stealth marketing, Sneeze, a marketing agency which was hired by Premiership football club, deemed it ethical if it planted paid actors in different pubs and bars located around the ground to promote the text subscription of the football club.


He nevertheless does not understand that the subscriptions were promoted through lies which the football fans were fed. With the lies and in retrospect of the scenario presented by the actors who were posing as football fans, the text subscription service was promoted. The true essence of ethical marketing is to use the tools of marketing and promotion in a creative way and not to exploit the consumers. Stealth marketing mars the true spirit of marketing as the consumers are exploited without them being aware of something being promoted. Goodkind also goes on to say that it is okay for Sneeze to build a promotional campaign based on lies as there are already a lot of unethical practices happening in the field of marketing. However, this cannot be an excuse as each marketer and each individual must be responsible for his/her own actions. Moreover, Stealth Marketing hides the true essence of the value of a brand which should be promoted. ...
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