Review of Practice: Advertising Practices of Nestle's Nescafe

Review of Practice: Advertising Practices of Nestle
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Topic: Review of Practice Advertising Practices of Nestle’s Nescafe: The company chosen to analyze advertisement practices is Nestle’s Nescafe. Nestle is one of the major food companies in the world. It has effectively introduced various new products to food and beverage industry.


The marketing campaigns of Nescafe are undertaken worldwide. The Nescafe logo and its distinguished coffee mug are known universally. Advertisement is one of the promotional strategies used by the company to attract its clients towards the products. The promotions of any product or service symbolize the company’s view of communication in the marketing activity. Promotion in the case of service is dissimilar from the promotion activity of the product. It assists in creating positive as well as negative reaction regarding the product. Nestle is established firm in the food industry; and it promote the sales of its products through TV, Print media, internet, leisure programs, broadcasting, etc. Print media consists of ads in magazines news term paper, etc…These ads offer information concerning the types of services, in addition to the sale of its products at places where there are fast food services. Promotions through TV comprise its ads in different global channels and state channels. The promotion of any product in food industry has to be decided on the basis of the company’s strategy associated with development, publication, sales expansion etc. Therefore, a good promotion strategy must be adopted to give effective ideas regarding the product in the target market. ...
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